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Comic Book Guys Birthday Bonanza First Appearance Wolverine Lucky Box


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Here bubs, given we’re the best at what we do, have we a lucky box for you.

Some lucky *snikt* will receive a first printing, first appearance of WOLVERINE - Hulk #180 - for just £8! We’ve done the first Deadpool. We’ve had the first Harley. Hell we’ve even had a signed Stan Lee BUT without doubt this is most sought after, red-hot key comic book in the world!! In terms of holy grail comic books, this is IT!

Please be clear on the rules of the Comic Book Guys Birthday Bonanza First Appearance Wolverine Lucky Box:

1) Only 1 out of the 80 available tickets will win the Hulk #180 comic, 79 others will get a random Wolverine comic. FOR CLARITY: If you do not receive Hulk #180, you WILL receive another random comic that features Wolverine (but not the first appearance of Wolverine).

2) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 x random Wolverine related comic book. Lesser value Wolverine comics (that is comics NOT containing the first appearance of Wolverine) have to be included in order for someone to be able to receive the Grail, that is a first printing of Hulk #180 - undoubtedly the reddest of red hot key comic books. The odds are against you.

3) You may not get the comic you want. We're sorry about that but please understand this is about risk vs reward (and of course, a little fun!). Are you feeling lucky bub?

4) There are only 80 spots in this first appearance Wolverine comic quest.

5) This is completely random. The 80 comics have been bagged up in advance, mixed around and then purchase labels are added later randomly after each ticket is sold.

6) UK shipping is not included in the £8.00 price. If you would like to purchase a lucky comic box but are unable to collect from store, delivery to anywhere in the UK is £3.99. For international shipping rates, please contact us.

7) Returns and refunds are not accepted under any circumstances given the nature of the lucky boxes.

8) Store Pick-Up/Shipping commences once all 80 tickets have been sold (or by 30th September 2019 - whichever comes first). We will notify customers when the boxes are available for collection.

To purchase a ticket, please complete the checkout process on our webstore or simply pop instore and pay at the counter. As the purchase labels are automatically printed and affixed at point of purchase, we are unable to hold tickets over. If you would like UK delivery added to your order, please ensure you select the option that includes the £3.99 UK tracked delivery.

Good luck Bubs! Snikt snikt